The Parable of the Oh So Many Trees – Explanation

In this story we are the trees and the leaves are the good works we can do and the good influence we have on others.  Brother Spike represents Satan.  I try not to spend much time thinking about Satan and his mentality, but I think it’s important to understand his goals as well as his tools and tricks.

Satan is jealous of you and wants to destroy you personally as well as prevent the good you might do.  He tries to get you while you are young so that he can prevent all the good you will do in your life.

Even if he can get you just a few degrees off track while you are young you will get further and further away from the straight and narrow path.  This leads to personal apostacy.

Satan’s tools are temptation and sin (some of the most devious of which can be found online).  He also uses distractions and despair.  He will grasp at any branch of your life that he can reach, so we can’t allow ourselves to droop in despair.

Sometimes he will push against our trunks – the main focus of our lives – and try to topple us.  If our roots are shallow we will fall, but if we have allowed our roots to dig deep into a gospel foundation then he can’t bring us down.

Satan knows our weaknesses and he will try to exploit them, bet if we trust in the Lord He will strengthen our weakness (Ether 12:27).  If we stand alone it is easier for the devil to reach us, so it is essential for us to surround ourselves with others that have the same values.  We can support each other.

Remember your divine potential.  Remember that you are never alone.  No matter who you are and where you are in your life, no matter where your life has taken you or what you have done, your Heavenly Father loves you more than you can imagine.  He will strengthen you and help you to stand tall.

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